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Access Doctors Worldwide  By Video Consults, Home or Office Visits

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  • Search for a doctor or hospital.
  • All Doctors fully validated.
  • Learn about common medical conditions.
  • With voice explanations.
  • In English, Hausa, Igbo and Yoruba
  • Book appointments locally or abroad.
  • Pay friends/relatives medical bills

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  • Secure online consulting.
  • Secure results transfer.
  • Clinic or hospital visits
  • House calls
  • Concierge services
  • Treatment for relatives abroad.
  • Realtime imaging transmission


Our Services


Hudibia enables doctors from anywhere in the world to consult and treat patients. Patients in Africa can directly consult doctors based in Europe and North America over the secure Hudibia platform. Clinical information and investigation can be securely transmitted to specialist review for second opinion.

Concierge Services

Personalised home and office visits with real-time remote specialist medical support from a team of worldwide experienced clinicians. Onsite tele-diagnostics using cutting edge emerging medical diagnostic technologies. Immediate transfer to our network of specialist hospitals locally or internationally when indicated.


Diaspora Services

We provide tailor-made health care delivery programmes for relatives based abroad. A secure and convenient payment platform coupled with a portable electronic medical record system that enables the integration of emerging technologies for the provision of the highest standard of medical care.