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Remote Diagnosis of Ear Disease

Doctors in Ireland diagnose ear diseases in Nigeria over the internet.

Hudibia has successfully established a transcontinental real-time medical consultation linking medical specialists based in Europe and North America with colleagues in Nigeria. Using this link they were able to transmit real-time diagnostic quality video images from Nigeria to Ireland. The video below shows a doctor in Ireland reviewing video images that clearly demonstrate a ruptured eardrum that has healed with surrounding scar tissue.
This technological breakthrough has allowed Hudibia to integrate its extensive network of medical specialists from Europe, North America, and Nigeria into a cutting edge healthcare solution that is cost-effective, sustainable, and of the highest standard in clinical practice in Nigeria. Medical Doctors based in Nigeria can now directly consult with their colleagues anywhere in the world in real-time with direct access to electronic medical records and real-time review of medical examinations and procedures through high-definition interactive video-to-video communication using a software platform that allows excellent image resolution over limited and low bandwidth internet access.


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