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  • How do I create an account on Hudibia?

Ans. Download the app, and follow the steps

  • How do I connect with a doctor on the Hudibia app?

Ans. You can connect with a doctor by clicking on the ‘consult button’ on the Hudibia app, selecting a doctor available online, and then your preferred mode of consultation.

  • Can I buy medication on the app?

Ans. Yes, you can purchase medication provided you have a prescription, our wide range of partner pharmacies covers this.

  • What happens if I forget my login password?

Ans. We have a “forget password” option on the sign-up page. Once you click on the “forgot password” option, enter the email address you used to create an account and click on the reset password link. A link would be sent to your email address that would enable you to change to a new password.

  • How can the doctor access my records?

Ans. Our patients and doctors have access to the patient’s medical records on the Hudibia app. Please follow the steps below to have access to your medical records;

  • How often can I use the Hudibia App?

Ans. You have access to use Hudibia without any limits as long as you have an active subscription

  • Can I update my detail on the app?

Ans. Yes, you can.

  • How much is the subscription plan on Hudibia?

Ans. Consultation with a General Practitioner is #1,000 only

  • How do I make payment?

Ans. You can either make payment by inputting your bank card details on the app, the E-wallet feature on the app or transfer to the Hudibia bank account number.

  • Do I get a free consultation?

Ans. Yes, you get 1 free consultation with a G.P after registration.

  • Can I get a refund if I decide not to consult anymore?

Ans. We do not offer a refund after payment for a subscription plan.

  • Can I do a video call with the doctor on the app

Ans. Yes, you can.

Can I get a refund if I decide not to consult anymore?

Ans. No, Hudibia does not replace your primary care physician. Hudibia should be used when you need immediate care for non-emergent medical issues. It is an affordable, convenient alternative to urgent care and ER visits.

  • How can I request an offline appointment?

Ans. Offline appointments cannot be scheduled; however, you can schedule an appointment using the mobile app. The Hudibia app also prompts customers to consult offline when online consultations fail.

  • How can I consult for my child or for someone else?

Ans. As a paid subscriber on Hudibia, you can consult for your child (under 18yrs old) using your account at any time of the day on the Hudibia platform. For persons older than 18years of age, they have to register on the app.

  • If I don’t feel satisfied with a doctor’s consultation, what do I do?

Ans. You can escalate by sending us a mail via

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