Remote Diagnosis of Ear Disease

Hudibia has successfully established a transcontinental real time medical consultation linking medical specialists based in Europe and North America with colleagues in Nigeria. Using this link they were able to transmit real-time diagnostic quality video images from Nigeria to Ireland. The video below shows a doctor in Ireland reviewing video images that clearly demonstrate a ruptured eardrum that has healed with surrounding scar tissue.
This technological breakthrough has allowed Hudibia to integrate its extensive network of medical specialists from Europe, North American and Nigeria into a cutting edge healthcare solution that is cost-effective, sustainable and of the highest standard in clinical practice in Nigeria. Medical Doctors based in Nigeria can now directly consult with their colleagues anywhere in the world in realtime with direct access to electronic medical records and realtime review of medical examinations and procedure through high-definition interactive video-to-video communication using a software platform that allows excellent image resolution over limited and low bandwidth internet access.

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