How To detect Fake Drugs

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), half of all drugs sold are fake. Fake drugs can lead to many problems. They may not contain any actual medicines. Taking them will not lead to improvement and patients may even get worse or die. Some may be adulterated with harmful ingredients. Knowing whether your medications are authentic is very important. Although, … Read More


Nobody wishes for an accident but the truth is that they can happen and almost everyone will need a first aid kit at a point in life. Hence, it is important to be prepared for such medical emergencies. First aid is the first and immediate assistance given to an injured or ill person until full medical treatment becomes available. A … Read More

Hudibia Mobile App to Give Quality Healthcare Services

By Rebecca Ejifoma on ThisDay November 17 2016 A Medical Doctor, Ahjoku Amadi Obi, has launched Hudibia, a digital mobile health application to enable patients access medical experts of all specialities for swift access, quality healthcare and better monitoring of patients’ health across the globe. Amadi-Obi described the app as an innovative health solution provider that uses emerging technologies to … Read More

A Doctor In Your Pocket

Imagine you got sick and just took out your smartphone. You search for a doctor anywhere in the world, book appointment and consult the doctor directly on your phone, all without having to go anywhere. This interesting bit of science fiction is now a reality courtesy of an innovative free smartphone app called Hudibia. The Hudibia app is available for … Read More