Booking An Ambulance With The Hudibia App

Step 1: Login into Hudibia

  • Download the Hudibia app free for Android here and iPhone here
  • Register and login

Step 2. Click on Ambulance request button

Step 3: Find Ambulance

  • Enter Your Location
  • Enter Your Destination
  • Or Select Hudibia Partner Hospital
  • Find Available Ambulance

Step 4: Choose available service

Select from the list of available ambulance services displayed

Step 5: Review Service and book

Step 6: Pay

There is a selection of different ways to pay

Ambulance arrives

For Ambulance Providers

  • Please note that you can only get patients when you’re logged into the Hudibia app
  • You will need to respond immediately to request for ambulance
  • You will get paid immediately .

Notification of Ambulance booking

Ambulance have to be logged in to get notifications of ambulance bookings

Accept or Decline Ambulance booking

If you get a notification you have an option to accept or decline the booking

Ambulance providers will be notified when a booking has been paid and they can proceed to provide the service.