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All round quality Healthcare in one place.

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Hudibia Products and Services To Suit You.

Hudibia products are smart devices and gadgets serving different purposes, and our services are general medical needs to ensure efficiency healthy lifestyle.

24/7 diagnosis from anywhere

Home delivery of prescribed medication

Unlimited medical consultation

Unlimited storage, one-stop health record.

Our Mission

To provide easy access to convenient, affordable, high-quality medical care for all.

Optimizing modern technology will link medical specialists worldwide with patients even in the most remote under-developed regions and provide the best medical practice in their hands. Because of the need for high-quality health care in resource-poor areas, we will leverage our experience in telemedicine and remote consulting techniques to extend high-quality medical care to these regions using mobile health technology.

Founded by healthcare professionals whose experiences span both developing and developed economies. Their intimate understanding of the obstacles in healthcare delivery in low-resource environments coupled with accomplished careers in Europe and North America affords them unique perspectives and experiences to implement cutting-edge healthcare services. Hudibia is an innovative health system that uses emerging technologies such as eHealth, Telemedicine, and wearable technologies to deliver sustainable, high quality and cost-effective healthcare.

Our Story

Hudibia is an integrated healthcare solution that leverages emerging technologies to alleviate the challenges of delivering optimum health in a resource-challenged environment.

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Why Hudibia?

Hudibia makes it possible for anyone with a smartphone or tablet to receive quality and affordable healthcare.

Quality Healthcare Services

There is a diverse selection of healthcare services available, ensuring that you can find the appropriate option for your needs.

High User Satisfaction

We take pride in delivering services that are executed flawlessly to ensure customer satisfaction.

Round the clock availability

We guarantee that there is always a healthcare provider accessible to you.


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Founded by healthcare professionals whose experiences span both developing and developed economies.


15 Deji Odunuga Street, Anthony Village Lagos, Nigeria.

+234 809 675 5173


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